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Dear Valued Customer:

My name is Randy Powers, and I’ve spent the better part of 32 years working on Frame Machines rebuilding hydraulic components. During this time I kept seeing the same pattern: failed hydraulic components, and a concerned customer who wants to know why it has failed after a relatively short time in service. Based on what I saw after tear-down, I would explain the cause of failure; high contamination levels and wrong oil viscosity.

Here at Frame Machine Repair Company we cannot overstate the importance of maintaining your equipment in a timely manor. Your Frame Machine was a major investment, and a body shop is a very dirty environment. As a result, modern hydraulic equipment is not only more expensive to fix when it breaks, but regular maintenance is imperative to maximize service life and minimize operating costs. It is not realistic to expect (as many equipment owners do) to run a hydraulic machine for 2,000 hours without checking anything more than the fluid level and not have any problems. An effective maintenance program requires time, effort, and some expense to implement. It is, however, cost-effective.

The investment is quickly recovered through savings as a result of improved machine performance, increased component life, increased fluid life, reduced downtime and fewer repairs. Safety hazards are a major liability and a potentially huge cost. So if you own a Frame Machine and are serious about minimizing your running costs and your current maintenance practices are lacking, call Frame Machine Repair Co and start implementing the industries best maintenance program today.  We offer a comprehensive 30+ point annual safety and service inspection to keep your machine operating at its peak performance level. We do everything from changing your oil to adjusting your pump to giving your machine a thorough safety inspection. If additional service is needed, we will provide you with an estimate of labor and parts before any additional work is done. Thank You For Being Our Customer. We appreciate your business.

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